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SMUD 2020 Census redistricting

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SMUD's proposed Ward changes are in the northern part of the District.

SMUD has seven districts, called Wards. The SMUD Board is proposing some relatively minor tinkering with some of their Wards. No big deal, right? Or is it? You see, Arden Arcade has 3 SMUD Board members. You would be wrong if you think that give us some clout. You see, SMUD Ward 5 is mostly a City of Sacramento Ward, with a forgettable little sliver of Arden Arcade between Ethan and Howe. West Arden Arcade is sort of a trifling part of Ward 3, which has some notable parts of the City of Sacramento and runs south below Florin and all the way out to Vineyard. The rest of Arden Arcade is within Ward 7, currently focused mostly on Eastern Arden Arcade, Carmichael and North Highlands. Ward 7 is proposed for expansion northeasterly into Rio Linda. In a way, the proposed Ward 7 adjustment can be helpful to Arden Arcade because the additional parts are unincorporated territory like our community. SMUD will begin holding public hearings about their proposed changes on Nov. 4th, with adoption of the new Wards proposed for January 2022. You can learn more about SMUD's redistricting process at


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