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Twin Rivers Unified School District

The Twin Rivers Unified School District (TRUSD) primarily serves unincorporated North Highlands, McClellan Park, Foothill Farms, Rio Linda, Elverta and parts of Antelope, along with portions of the City of Sacramento north of the American River. The District borders our community and Carmichael to the West and Northwest. However, there are some small portions of our community that are within the TRUSD as well as some other nearby parts of Sacramento County's unincorporated area Southeast of I-80. Still, its status as our nextdoor neighbor means that there are students who live in the TRUSD and go to school in the San Juan Unified School District (SJUSD) along with students who live in the SJUSD and attend schools in the TRUSD - some reasons include: Charter Schools, children in joint custody arrangements with divorced parents in each District, or kids who complete a school year in the District despite having moved out of it. Further, some of our sub-region's park districts (Arcade Creek, Fulton-El Camino and Sunrise) straddle both school districts and can share recreational facilities and before-and-after school activities. According to the TRUSD's website, the district is the 24th largest school district in California. The District is governed by a seven-member, by-district Board of Trustees. The Area 3 Trustee of the County Board of Education oversees our end of the SJUSD and adjacent mparts of the TRUSD.

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The Twin Rivers Unified School District serves over 26,000 preK - adult students who come from families that speak 46 different languages.



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