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Preliminary Presidential Election Results

According to the Sacramento Bee’s analysis of how precincts voted for President (early vote and election day totals), Arden Arcade’s precincts favored Joe Biden. That was the case for most of the Sacramento County precincts. By law, the County has until December 11th to certify the results. And there are many ballots yet to be counted, such as provisional ballots, challenged ballots and mailed-in ballots that were postmarked in time. Once the results are certified - and if the elves in our newsroom ever recover from their election night stupor - our blog will try to provide more information. Stay tuned!

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All precincts in Arden Arcade favored Joe Biden for President. Blue = Biden, Red = Trump, Other = Tie or No Results. {Source: Phillip Reese, “How did your neighborhood vote for president? See results in the Sacramento region”, Sacramento Bee, Nov. 4, 2020.}
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