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May is Bike Month, but not here


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Our dear friends at the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) are once again promoting bike riding as a form of mobility by running the annual "May is Bike Month" (MIBM) campaign. And, as they have done in recent years, they are promoting bicycle trips in cities. Don't believe that? Look at the May is Bike Month home page, where it says:

"May is Bike Month. Join the challenge. Bike your city."
MIBM home page. Don't bother to bike your unincorporated area.

Our readers know we try to be fair, but honestly, sometimes it's a real challenge to do that. Consider MIBM's suggestions about "local destinations" where lots of destinations are listed, none of which are in unincorporated Sacramento County. That's right, MIBM says:

"You can ride to ANY destination in your city and take a photo with the #MayisBikeMonth2021Kickoff hashtag to be entered to win!"
MIBM events page, explaining how to win a pair of socks and more(!)

While we are willing to give the MIBM people some credit for stating that they could not possibly list all the worthwhile places to ride in the multi-county Sacramento region, would it have killed them to have listed one or two of the cool places to ride in our community - like, for example, the famous American River Parkway Trail? Or any of the local parks, nature areas, or even the coffee shops around here? Guess so. This is SACOG, you know. Keep in mind they get buckets of transportation money to spend locally, but their only obligation to us is via the County Board of Supervisors. And that....well, you know how that goes. Oh, but don't forget, the County wants to know how you feel about local biking. Yeah, right. May is Bike Month, anywhere there is a city. Which means not here.

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