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Recall Voter Guide continues to ignore Arden Arcade

The County of Sacramento Voter Information Guide for the 2021 Gubernatorial Recall Election has been mailed to voters. As with the 2018 and 2020 elections, the County offers ballot drop boxes (Aug. 16 - Sep. 14) and Vote Centers (Sep. 4 - Sep. 14) for ballot-drops and in-person voting. Voters can also mail their ballots postage-free. The ballot is short and easy to submit. However you feel about the issue, PLEASE VOTE.

There are 3 ballot drop boxes in Arden Arcade at:

  • Arcade Library at 2443 Marconi
  • Arden Dimick Library at 891 Watt
  • Raley's market at 3518 Marconi

There are 2 vote centers in Arden Arcade at:

  • Conzelmann Community Center in Howe Park at 2201 Cottage (open Sep. 4-Sep. 14)
  • Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer at 4641 Marconi (open Sep. 11-Sep. 14)
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The Drop Box and Vote Center maps from the County's 2021 Recall Election Guide don't identify Arden Arcade locations, so we had to do it. Again. {...sigh...}

We tell you about these locations because, as usual, the Voter's Guide says nothing about Arden Arcade. Elections are important. Elections have consequences. We think every voter in Arden Arcade should know the places in their community where they can submit their ballot in person if they want to. As is typical for Sacramento County, though, the Guide potentially confuses voters here by burying the Arden Arcade sites within zip codes labelled "Sacramento" as though unincorporated Arden Arcade is part of the City of Sacramento (pro tip: it isn't). And, adding insult to injury, the Guide's maps identify a whole lot of unincorporated areas, yet Arden Arcade is not one of them. We're so, so tired of having to point this out, like we did in the 2020 primary and general and the 2018 primary and general.  Will the County ever pay attention to Arden Arcade for elections? Don't hold your breath.

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