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Sac Grand Jury Pummels DP Manor Water District

Fox40 reported this evening that the Sacramento County Grand Jury has issued a scathing report about the Del Paso Manor Water District. The District is small and its infrastructure has not aged gracefully. Hardly a customer or constituent of the District is unaware of the situation. The impression most of them have is that the governing board and staff are trying to fix things. Getting clobbered by the Grand Jury isn't exactly the best way to get that done, particularly given the Grand Jury's reputation of playing nasty political games on occasion. Still, the Grand Jury has a legitimate role to play and it could well be that this kind of slap in the face is justified. Time will tell.

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Del Paso Manor Water district's 73-y.o. Well #2 {photo credit: Sacramento County Grand Jury report, "Del Paso Manor Water District Flooded With Public Safety Danger", November 5, 2021.}


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