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San Juan School District wants a big new middle school. Who Knew?

The San Juan Unified School District is worried about an expected wave of middle school-age children in Arden Arcade. And it has figured out it doesn't work to have middle school kids mixed in with high schoolers on the Encina campus. So they decided to use to old Creekside Elementary School site for the new campus. Trouble is, hardly anyone in the community knew about the decision. That's too bad because it turns out the site isn't ideal. Neighbors and other stakeholders - who had been bypassed as the decision was reached - are now asking the school district to take a deep breath and let the conflicting issues be identified before committing long-term tax money to what appears to be a short-term need. For more information and to follow events concerning the project, go to our page, "Due Diligence Failure at San Juan School District?"

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The former Creekside Elementary School at Kent and Miramar



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