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Double standard for San Juan school facilities?

At the March 1st meeting of the San Juan Unified School District Facilities Committee the California American Water Company (a private water supply purveyor serving a portion of Arden Arcade) requested an easement for a water well at the Greer/Encina school site at the Hurley Way edge of the site, just south of the new running track. The easement would be 118' x 87'.

Interestingly, the Facilities Committee told the water company that analysis pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act would be required and that the County Planning Department would need to be contacted. Neither of those analytical points has been applied to the school District's proposal to build a massive middle school at the Creekside surplus school site where Creekside Elementary School used to be. In other words, if you need less than 1/4 of an acre to supply water, you must jump through hoops before you can move forward. But if you are jamming a $50M school with  650+ students plus staff into 9 acres of a constricted site, you don't - the school district staff will take care of those things later.

How's that for a double standard for a planning process? Meanwhile, under state law, the public is supposed to have access to the decision-making process BEFORE a public agency makes a decision to select a school site and to build a new school.

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