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Is a new middle school campus really needed?

There are two San Juan Unified School District meetings about the proposed Creekside campus coming up soon. The Facilities Committee has an evening meeting on Election Day to present (AKA "rubber stamp") the design for the Creekside Middle School campus. And 9 days later the district will tell the community what it has planned. We posted about the Election Day meeting and received a response that got us thinking. The response asked if there is a need for 3 middle schools within a 3 mile radius. That's a good question, particularly given that the school district has lost over 6% of its enrollment from 2019-2020 to 2021-2022 ("School-funding math" Sacramento Bee, June 5, 2022). At Supervisor Desmond's June 2nd meeting the audience was told that enrollment was trending up and that a demographer would explain things to the community on June 16th. Hmm...enrollment is down but enrollment is up? Very interesting. It will certainly be helpful to have the numbers explained. By a demographer. To justify a new $50,000,000 campus. For which the school district wants input. After the school district has paid an architectural firms to design it.

May contain: map, diagram, plot, and atlas
A 3D rendering of the large middle school planned for Creekside. That big empty parking lot is where the existing school buildings are now. Drawings like this are expensive, but worth it if they impress the public enough to make people shut up.
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