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Steinberg's homeless shelter next to Children's Home on KFBK

Former Sheriff John McGinness has a regular podcast on KFBK radio. His program on July 14th was focused on Darrell Steinberg's pipe dream of a homeless shelter at the old Science Museum on Auburn Blvd next to the Children's Receiving Home. As you might expect from a former cop with a right-wing orientation, he sprinkled his podcast with plenty of potshots at Governor Newsom and seemed to put a stake in the ground with Proposition 47 of 2014 as the beginning of California's homelessness problem. Well, OK, as host of the podcast he is free to say things like that (even though the roots of today's homelessness can be traced back to policy decisions in the 1970s when Ronald Reagan was our Governor).

Still, it was interesting to hear Mr. McGinness stress that 1) homeless individuals need services like mental health care, counseling, job training and so forth and 2) the City of Sacramento seems to want to solve its homeless problems as far from its constituents as possible and without regard for the residents and businesses of unincorporated areas. Hmmm...where have we heard that before?

Mr. McGinness spoke with three callers during his podcast: Ron Jellison of Friends of Del Paso Park, Arturo - an office owner at 3830 Watt (at Edison across the street from the middle school), and Jim - the owner of the Oaks strip mall on the SE corner of Watt (listen to their audio clips on the Save Our Suburb page). The underlying theme of their calls was that Darrell Steinberg's proposal is unfair to everyone, whether they are residents or businesses or homeless people who need and deserve services that are not available at or anywhere near Steinberg's preferred site. That's also how Mr. McGinness summed up his show, though he added that the County Board of Supervisors needs to step up to keep the City of Sacramento from pushing its problems into the unincorporated area. Up next, we hear, is a vote on the proposal at the Sacramento City Council on July 25th.

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ALL of the residences in this air photo of the proposed site on Auburn Blvd are in unincorporated Sacramento County. {Photo credit: KCRA3}
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