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Morse is repaved!

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Morse Avenue has been repaved. Really.

Our elves were over the moon with ecstasy when they saw the new pavement on Morse - particularly the segment in front of Kaiser Hospital. We have previously decried the horrible pavement there. Imagine being a patient with broken bones riding in an ambulance as it bumps over the cobbles and through the potholes on its way to the emergency room. Consider the message the County sent to one of our community's major employers by letting the pavement rot at the front door to its building. Well, no more. Glory be, Morse has been repaved!

Now we're wondering why. Why, after all this time, has Morse been tidied up? Let's consider the reasons for paving streets, as we discussed some time ago: original pavement, special event pavement, political pavement and pavement paid for by anyone other than the County. That stretch in front of Kaiser had been unattended so long it certainly fit the category of original pavement. Far as we know, there's no golf tournament coming up (remember the U.S. Open at Del Paso CC that inspired the County to pave a few streets around the event site?). So it's one of the other two reasons. It could be political. There IS an election coming up, but our Supervisor's seat isn't up and we haven't noticed any of the Assembly or State Senate candidates talking about the issue. It's also possible the County could be doing it as a way to drive up the alimony payment if a cityhood effort pops up. Is the County smart enough and devious enough to do that? Our guess is, no. So we are left with the tried-and-true reason of someone else's money being involved. money? Federal infrastructure money? Yeah, it's probably something like that. That's our story and we're sticking with it until we hear otherwise.

Meanwhile though, we are delighted with the result! More of this, please!

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