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Homeless Services meeting 5/25/23 at Horseman's Assn

County Supervisors Rich Desmond and Phil Serna have announced a public meeting will be held at the Horseman's Association on May 25th from 6-7pm to provide an update on outreach and engagement services provided by a City of Sacramento contractor at the Auburn Blvd. Respite Center that serves homeless individuals. The Horseman's Association is located at 3200 Longview Drive.

The backstory involves frustrations experienced by the County and the residents of nearby neighborhoods since the City opened the Respite Center at the old Science Museum just east of the children's receiving Home. In a nutshell, the city of Sacramento moves people to the site - distant from the City of Sacramento - such that the homeless people are "released" into the unincorporated neighborhoods. At the same time, the site has become a magnet for the unhoused, attracting homeless encampments into the adjacent Del Paso Park playground and nature areas.

Those who actually use the park, have no control over how it is run. And those who control the park, do not use it.
Save Del Paso Park at 

The meeting also pertains to the decrepit state of the once-iconic Renfree Field. The City of Sacramento has utterly failed to operate and maintain, yet the state, in its great wisdom, has targeted the site for a multi-million dollar upgrade grant that's likely to be a big flop. A better solution would appear to be the transfer of the park from the City of Sacramento to the County or one of the adjacent Recereation and Park Districts. Our friends at Save Del Paso Park can fill in the details!

fence, grass, field
The ruins of Renfree Field in Del Paso Park.  The City of Sacramento has a $123,000,000 park maintenance backlog. Del Paso Park is at the wrong end of the food chain.
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