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A New Way to Ignore Us

The March 2024 election is close at hand. The County's Voter Information Guide started showing up in local mailboxes this week. That means it's time for another periodic reminder that the County needs to understand that the public is not weell-served by hiding Arden Arcade's voting locations within "Sacramento". Our unincorporated community of nearly 100,000 souls is NOT part of the City of Sacramento. No one who lives in our unincorporated community will be able to vote in the City of Sacramento's elections for Mayor and City Council member. You can ignore all the political ads and TV snippets about the City of Sacramento's elections because none of those people represent us . It's not your business. You cannot vote for them and you cannot vote to remove them from office. Our residents voting for City of Sacramento elected offices would be like Sacramento County people voting for the Yolo County Board of Supervisors or for the Mayor of Los Angeles or for the Governor of Arizona.

So, nope, we're not in the City of Sacramento. Too bad the County's Voter Guide continues to mislead, as though we are part of the City of Sacramento - just because of how the Post Office handles your mail. The Voter Guide lists all sorts of unincorporated places where you can drop off your ballot: Antelope, Carmichael, Courtland, Fair Oaks, Gold River, Herald, North Highlands, Orangevale, Rancho Murieta, Rio Linda, Walnut Grove and Wilton. But places like Arden Arcade and Foothill Farms remain invisible, buried within "Sacramento".  Worse, the County "saved money" this time by not publishing the map of drop-off locations in the Voter Guide. You have to scan a QR code or visit the County's website to find the map. We did a screen grab of the County's map, but it's incomplete. You are supposed to enter your address and then the map will referesh, showing locations near your address.

OK, it's an all-mail ballot election, meaning you can leave your ballot in a mailbox or post office. And, for sure, you can drop off your ballot at ANY of the many locations listed in the Voter Guide. But, just to be clear, here's where you can drop off ballots in unincorporated Arden Arcade and nearby:

  • American River College - Welcome & Support Center, 4700 College Oak Dr.
  • Arcade Library - 2443 Marconi Ave. (March 2-5)
  • Arden Dimick Library - 891 Watt Ave. (March 2-5)
  • County Clerk/Recorder Office - 3636 American River Drive, Suite 110 (February 24-March 5)
  • Howe Park - Conzelmann Community Center, 2201 Cottage Way (February 24-March 5)
  • Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer - 4641 Marconi Ave. (February 24-March 5)
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Some of the County's ballot drop-off locations, shown on the interactive map at


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