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Creekside Middle School NOP documents

Several comment letters were submitted to the San Juan Unified School District in response to the district's Notice of Preparation (NOP) of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for a proposed project to:

  • Tear down the old Creekside Elementary School,
  • Relocate much of the current adult school at Creekside to the Encina/Greer complex, and
  • Build a new middle school campus at the Creekside site.

This page is a library of public documents, posted so the public will know what to look for in the draft and final versions of the EIR.  State law requires the school district to respond to the comments and allow the public to review and comment on the EIR. If our elves uncover other documents we will add them to the list.

NOP as issued by the school districtCA Department of Fish & Wildlife commentsCA Highway Patrol commentsCA Water Resources Control Board commentsCA Native American Heritage Commission commentsFulton-El Camino Rec & Park District commentsCA Wildlife Foundation/CA Oaks commentsSacramento Area Creeks Council commentsMichael & Suzanne Seaman comments


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