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Another reminder that we don't have traffic enforcement here

We have previously said that traffic laws are rarely enforced in our community, to the point where it's fair to say those laws are routinely broken with no consequences to the scofflaws. Under state law, the CHP is assigned the tasks of keeping unincorporated communities' local roadways safe and upholding the Vehicle Code in all unincorporated parts of the state. Unfortunately for us, the CHP is under-staffed and underfunded such that they are just not up to the job. It's not the Chippies' fault; they just have too much to do and don't have the resources they need. Communities like ours always wind up at the wrong end of the traffic law enforcement food chain. Reporting a local traffic violation to the CHP just builds their data base. It does not result in the wrongs being corrected.

Take, for example, the issue of parking in the suicide lane (the center left turn lane). That's a violation of California Vehicle Code Section 21460.5. That section says the purpose of the center left turn lane is to facilitate safe left turns and left turn ingress and egress for residents and businessses. Nowhere in the vehicle code does it say it is OK to park in a center left turn lane, yet that's what happens here all the time. and usually, though not always, it's car transport trucks doing the violating.

"Oh, where are they supposed to park?" is the usual retort from people who think businesses should get to do whatever they want, regardless of laws like VC Section 21460.5. And it's true that car dealerships need to have deliveries of the large products - cars and trucks - they sell. You would think that major auto manufacturers like BMW, Chevy, Lexus and the like would require their dealerships to have well-functioning sales lots that can accommodate delivery vehicles. Similarly, you would think the County would not allow used car sales on former gas stations or other properties that are too small for a big rig towing a car carrier. And you might also think people need safe ways to make left turns onto local streets and in or out of local businesses and commercial property. But the County's rocket scientists responsible for land use planning and economic development hereabouts - and their lesser-god wannabes on the CPAC - have other thoughts, don't they? We therefore present you with some more photographic evidence (below) that traffic laws are not enforced in our densely-populated, unincorporated urban area.

Keep in mind that VC Section 21460.5 is just one of the traffic laws routinely violated here. Whether its speeding, running red lights and stop signs, reckless driving, whatever....the Vehicle Code pretty much means nothing here because the laws are not enforced. (Well, maybe except for street sideshows and doing donuts. Those activities are prohibited by Vehicle Code Sections 23103 and 23109 and usually bring out the cops.)  If our community was a city it would have authority to handle traffic enforcement, but until that happens, we have to rely on the CHP. And, since the CHP depends on the Administration and the Legislature, the system here is broken.


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